Flying M roasts with a purple Diedrich 12-kilo (small batch) drum roaster built in 1995.  Kevin has performed primary roasting duties with assistance from Sean, Tiffany, Scott, Joe, Shaun, Caleb, Adam, Chloe and Josh over the years. 

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The roasting operation was relocated from Kevin and Lisa's roasthouse to the Coffeegarage upon its opening in 2006 and merger with Purple Bean Coffee.  Come by the Garage to watch roasting in action Monday through Friday.

Flying M Coffee produces one espresso blend - a full-bodied, medium roasted blend rich with crema.  Flying M Espresso Blend has been served since 1995 at the Boise location and several other locally owned coffee shops and restaurants.  Flying M also roasts a House Blend, consisting of a French roast paired with a medium roast Indonesian producing a powerful, bittersweet cup.  To complete the coffee menu, many single origin coffees from around the world are roasted to highlight the inherent character of each specialty coffee.  Organically grown coffees are also featured as availability allows.

Roasting days are currently Monday through Friday with wholesale deliveries on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 
Roast like a butterfly, sting like caffeine.